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Home remodeling is an important part of living and it’s always intimidating to renovate your home. Just like the term itself says home remodeling, what a great way to relax and start the renovation work at the weekend. While you instruct the contractors with snacks in your hand. It cool! But most of the time all the excitement and fun just go off the rails if you don’t hire professional home remodeling contractors. It’s a vital and hectic part of the process and not that easy no matter the small or big size of your building. You have to plan your budget and time and other resources accordingly. If you are planning to remodel your home then it’s worth considering these things before wasting your money.


  1. Get Recommendations

One of the best things to hire the best home remodeling contractors is to prepare a list of some around 20 local contractors in your area and narrow down the list to 5 that are the best going through the criteria of experience and cost. You can also get an idea that what it is sensible to renovate your house instead of buying a new one. Yes, you can’t ignore the cost of each department that comes in the domain of home remodeling. Considering taking reviews from these free platforms can add an extra benefit.

  • Research & take reviews on social media platforms
  • Collect the affiliations from your friends and people in your circle
  1. Contractor Portfolio & Online Presence

If the quality of work is your first concern in hiring a home remodeling contractor, then one must visit the online presence of the business on a website and social media. All the renowned contractors know the importance of letting their customers know what they do and how differently they do than the rest of the contractors. That’s why they often post their recent project’s before-and-after shots pics and videos. This portfolio can further help you eliminate the less experienced contractors by merely examining their recent work. Because only the best work contractors like to share and if it’s not the work you wanted, just remove them from the prepared list.


  1. Ask for Licensing or any Legal Work Document

Most of the good home remodeling contractors justify the legal work permit from the state or the country they work in and that’s a point to consider. Licensing implies that the contractors are well aware of the construction laws that the land implements. Such companies also compensate the employees and the building insurance in case of natural casualties and disasters.

  1. Check the Background Work Nature

Cross-checking the background work nature of a home remodeling contractor would help you filter out the bad guys in the market. Before you schedule a work plan you need to verify whether contractors have had a bad work experience. Social media reviews are always a fast platform to check the background work nature of a contractor that you want to hand over to your family and your own living place.

home remodeling contractors`


  1. Do an Interview

Now you have sorted out the best remodeling contractors from the list, you are a step away to know the company officials. How they think, how they plan your home renovation, or even they have worked on the same project before that or it’s their first experience. Most of the home remodeling contractors are experienced in only a few remodeling domains. Like it might be possible that a contractor has the best experience in kitchen remodeling and design but it could mean that they are jack of all trades. In-person and phone interviews would make a lot of things clear before you sign a contract with an inexperienced contractor in the town.

  1. Schedule it Wisely

Reaching out to the best home remodeling contractors is one side of the story. Scheduling the work wisely is equally important. You should always be specific about the financing. Decide the payment schedules and divide the total contract amount into three payments after paying 10% amount at the time of contract. Try to schedule the work when you are free to watch the work thoroughly at least once a week.

Bottom Line: Do your research thoroughly before signing a home remodeling project. You can follow the above tips to find out the best home remodeling contractors in your area. As you believe in your intuition, stick to it and the final decision is yours to choose the best contractors.


Kitchen Layout

Kitchen layout can be defined as the shape of your kitchen which is made attractive due to the setting of storage areas, major appliances, and countertops. These are the things that contribute to making a kitchen arranged and useful to use. The perfect arrangement of the kitchen items makes your kitchen eye-catchy.

Here are some factors that must be considered while designing a perfect kitchen layout.


First, you must consider your budget. The layout of your kitchen greatly depends upon your budget. If you are low on budget, you might not buy expensive appliances and use expensive materials for your kitchen.

No doubt, the kitchen layout requires a lot of money. You must decide on a maximum budget for this purpose. It is because you may need to spend money on cabinets, countertops, flooring, and many other items.

Kitchen Work Triangle

You must consider the work triangle of your kitchen while designing its layout. As we know, the work triangle was first defined in the 1920s so that the efficiency in a residential kitchen could be measured. This triangle consists of three things i.e. refrigerator, kitchen sink, and stovetop.

You should know that the stovetop is used for the preparation of food. The kitchen sink is an area that is used for cleaning kitchen items such as dishes, spoons, plates, etc. And the refrigerator is a storage area for the food. You should keep the length of each triangle leg in the range of 1.0 to 2.6m.

You should not keep any kitchen appliance or item between the intersecting points of this triangle. Make sure that the total length of this triangle leg is between 4-8m. Considering these small things will be helpful for you to design a remarkable kitchen layout for your house.

Selection of Right Position

You must select the right position for all the items present in your kitchen. These items may include cabinets, stovetop, refrigerator, oven, sink, etc. You must also consider the distance of the kitchen from the entry doors where it is preferred to be at least 812mm wide. There should not be any kitchen appliances in front of the entry door.

Make sure that all the kitchen appliances are positioned in a safe place so that they do not disturb other things and do not get disturbed due to other things. The appliance doors and the storage areas must also not interfere with each other’s operations. You must install the cabinets at a particular height that could be reached by a person of ordinary height.

Seating Arrangement

You must also consider the seating arrangement in your kitchen if you want a big kitchen with a modern style. You can arrange the seating area effectively if you measure the right distance between the countertop and the seating area. You can consult a professional for this purpose. He will provide you with ideas regarding the right distance between the seating area and the countertop.

You must choose the right furniture for the seating area according to the size of your kitchen. If your kitchen is small, you can arrange the chairs near the countertop. But if you have a big kitchen, you can buy a table and its chairs to make an effective and attractive seating area. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner there with your family.

No doubt, the seating arrangement is a difficult task to perform. You need to maintain an equal distance between the seating of each person. Keep in mind that seating must not be less than 610mm wide for each person.

Position of Sink and Dishwasher

When designing the layout of your kitchen, you must select the right position for the sink and the dishwasher. If you are going to install only one sink in your kitchen, it must be positioned next to the fridge or stove. It must be flanked by a minimum 600mm landing area.

You must position the dishwasher next to the sink at a distance of 900mm. Make sure that you do not locate the cooking surface under the window. You should also keep it away from the fire extinguisher. You should place the oven at a place where it can be easily used by anyone. It should be positioned below the shoulder height.

Surface of Work

There must be enough space in your kitchen that you could work easily and comfortably. The length of the countertops must be according to your needs and requirements. The material used for the countertops must be durable and it should also be easy to clean.

The most preferred countertops are laminate countertops. It is because they are available in different styles and patterns. They are also available in different colors. Moreover, they are less expensive than others.


While designing the layout of your kitchen, you must consider some important factors related to it. Considering these factors is helpful in making your kitchen attractive and comfortable to work in. You can also hire a professional to design a remarkable kitchen layout for your house. 

kitchen design

Whether you’re designing your kitchen or just trying to make change to the kitchen efficiently, you’ll need to think about how to organize the storage space in your kitchen. These are some tips will help you to optimize your kitchen design and storage organization like a pro.

Use Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets allow you to take advantage of every niche in the kitchen, so you don’t waste it filling unused spaces and nooks and crannies. You often see kitchens made where there is a space between the end of the cabinet and the refrigerator. If you put a pull-out cabinet there, you can use it for things like spices.

Trash Can Pull Out

Make sure you install a roll-out drawer for trash, near the sink and dishwasher. Nothing spoils the cleanliness of the kitchen like the smell of last night’s fish dinner. A good trash can is ugly too. Keep smelly trash cans, like they don’t exist, with the trash can hidden in roll-out drawers.

Move Favorites To The Front

The most used items should be placed in front of your kitchen cabinets for better reach. Also, think vertically. Things like little-used bowls and special glasses should be placed higher up in your wall cabinets, and your everyday favorite spot should be near you. Also, think about the type of food you cook most often. If you like to bake, keep flours and measuring cups in the front and other items in the back.

Set Up The Stations

To understand the ideas of an effective organization, divide your kitchen into five different stations, each with its purpose. There are cleaning stations, preparation stations, cooking stations, food storage stations, and non-food storage stations.

The idea behind these stations is to keep everything in your kitchen as close to the station as possible. Your dishwasher and sink are your cleaning areas, so of course, your everyday dishes should be kept near these areas. Your kitchen tools such as mixing bowls, knives, and logs. Perishable items should be placed near food storage stations, while items such as Tupperware and infrequently used utensils should be placed in non-food storage stations.

Knockdown The Walls

The idea is not to waste storage space or workspace, but to increase an entrance or window. If you have a raised bar, lower it to counter height, because an open kitchen makes a strong impression. The advantage of being cooking in an open kitchen is the ability to be with family and friends, rather than cooking alone in the kitchen.

Make Most Of Your Floor Space

One of the biggest hurdles in any small kitchen design is managing the limited space. However, there are a few tips for managing space in the kitchen. Put an end to empty corridors by turning them into transit workstations. Install the dishwasher & dryer next to the front-loading unit. Replace revolving doors with open doors or sliding doors that free up space.

Remove the walls to combine two rooms into one larger space. Extend the pantry into the adjacent room. Determine whether you need supporting structures like beams to replace walls and whether you need to remove plumbing and electrical systems. These changes can have a big impact on your kitchen design budget, so it’s best to plan.

Add Statement Lights

Preferably, natural light should be the main light, but if you can’t get much natural light, we recommend you think about Light and Brightness. Sometimes by using statement lighting, the kitchen seems more spacious.

Deep Drawers

We highly recommend you check out the benefits of deep drawers. Bottom cabinets are usually two feet deep, offering plenty of darkrooms to lose your belongings, forcing you to pull everything out as you dig to find the strainer you believe you have. Drawers solve this problem by making items in the back easy to find and access too. Also, unlike cupboards which are large empty boxes, drawers can have partitions that make it easier for you to organize your things. Drawers are also more efficient because you will be using up all of the lower closet space.

Add Refined Refrigerator

A large refrigerator is the heart of every kitchen, and these appliances are among the first to enter a new era and continue to evolve.

Most of these can tell you what they are when their door is open, but the latest models go further than that. They have cameras that let you manage inventory remotely from your phone, the ability to record shopping lists, and display screens for easy access to information. You can set their temperature via the remote control, do your shopping online, send notes to your smartphone and request your favorite song while being the slave of the hot stove.

Kitchen and Dining Room

It is a trend of removing the wall between kitchen & dining room and has increased over the past year. And it is the only trend that has increased after the pandemic! It makes sense when you think about it because it’s been over a year since the whole family got together in the house.

If you’ve been thinking about removing the wall between the kitchen and dining room for a long time, here are four reasons why you should!

4 Perks of Removing Wall Between Kitchen and Dining Room


1)  It creates more Open Space

One of the biggest benefits of removing the wall between the kitchen & the dining area is that it creates an open space with no walls, separating the areas. It makes preparing meals and table gatherings much more welcoming than ever.

  • Less Tempestuous:

This concept helps to improve the overall working flow of the home. With lots of walls and separate rooms, the layout can feel a bit erratic and incoherent. But with an open kitchen, each room easily blends into the next. The decision to remove the wall between the kitchen & dining room also made everything feel less tempestuous.

  • Keeps you with times:

Old houses were built for various reasons by separating their rooms on purpose. But in recent years, we have seen a trend towards open concept floor plans. Homeowners today generally want a more open and fluid feel to their living spaces.

2)  It creates more Bigger & Brighter Space

The biggest attraction in bringing kitchen & dining together is creating a larger and lighter space than before. It is appealingly good, but also good for our mental state!

One of the worst things we can do for ourselves, that we spend a lot of time in a room with no windows or light. As you can imagine, an open kitchen lets in a lot of natural light while also giving everyone an idea of ​​what’s going on. By removing the wall, the light goes from the kitchen to the dining room and vice versa.

3)  It improves your Functionality

When you separate the kitchen & dining area, it can be a pain to go through both to serve and clean the mess. Add more traffic to the mix, with kids running around the kitchen for drinks, etc and it can be a nightmare.

value to your Kitchen

It is a great benefit of removing the wall between the kitchen & the dining area is that you have easier access between the two rooms. If you’re in the dining room and need something from the kitchen for children, it’s there. When you are in the kitchen, and you need to get the dishes from the dining room, it’s right there.

If you remove the wall between the kitchen and dining room, then it will make the difference in the home. It’s easier for everyone to get what they need in rooms, and as we all know, comfort is everything. Especially when we are busy cooking or entertaining!

Removing the wall will eliminate the dysfunctional path between the two frequently visit points in a home! Once removed, everything you need is immediately available.

4)  It gives you more time together

If the kitchen and dining area are separated, it can be difficult to invite people or host dinner for guests. When you open the wall between the kitchen and the dining room, you see a better relationship between the two.

There was no longer a physical barrier between the people who could be in the room at the same time. Indeed, the two rooms often feel isolated from each other. However, when is combined into an interconnected space, it makes it much easier to entertain and relax in that environment.

It will easier for you to communicate between people in the kitchen & dining room. The host in the kitchen will not excluded from the conversation in the dining room. Hosts returning to the kitchen, to take something don’t feel like, they’ve left their guest. Parents in the kitchen can easily supervise children sitting near on dining table. It seems more convenient.

Whether it`s cooking for best friends or the own circle of relatives, the preparation of dinner will not feel like that you are alone inside the kitchen. With an open space, you will be able to chat with your circle of relatives or buddies at the same time as sitting at the table. Anybody can spend time together.

Does removing a wall between Kitchen & Dining room is for me?

If you want a more open space, like to see and/or talk to people in the dining, more light to come in between both rooms and want easier access to your kitchen from the dining room then removing the wall between the kitchen and dining area might be for you!

What to consider in removing the wall between Kitchen & Dining room?

First, make sure that the wall is load bearing. If the wall you want to remove is not load-bearing, removing the wall will be possible, but more problematic. Before carrying out any work, do an estimation from a home remodeling contractor, and ensure that you have all the necessary permits approvals from your state.

If you are a homeowner and need some type of remodeling, you will need to hire a good remodeling contractor. To find out what do kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors do and what are their benefits, read the article to the end.

What Do Remodeling Contractors Do?

A renovation contractor is a specialized builder that homeowners hire when they want to renovate, repair or refurbish their home or building. Home improvement contractors can work on both commercial and residential projects, and those who work on homes are sometimes referred to as home improvement contractors. The renovation contractor coordinates and oversees all aspects of a construction or renovation project. This includes the procurement of appropriate permits/licenses for the project and hiring workers. Professional contractors are licensed and trained, which means they know the building standards that apply. 

Contractors take obligation for the all-inclusive workplace, which means they take out liability insurance and workers’ compensation insurance. A remodeling contractor will work with your plans. And visions and with architectural dimensions to bring your ideas of the finished and remodeled home to reality.

Home remodeling experts handle most of the work on their own. While others establish projects and hire teams to finish the work. Despite their concentration, every remodeling professional must prepare for certain tasks when starting. This may include:

  • Preparing and budgeting a revamp project.
  • Make service evaluations and make changes to fit the client/customer budget.
  • Synchronize and observe the process of construction.
  • Communicate with customers to provide updates as needed.
  • Acquire and obtaining materials for the project and include them in the general budget.

Appropriate Building Codes Will Be Followed

With home additions and other major redevelopments. You need to make sure you follow the appropriate coding and regulations for your area. There are specific guidelines that need to be followed and if you break them all of your hard work will be wasted. By hiring a licensed expert upfront, you can rest easy knowing they’ll have you covered every step of the way.

kitchen remodeling contractors

Quick, Efficient, And Clean Work

Having someone liable for providing all of the materials, labor, equipment, and services needed to build or renovate a home. A single point of communication makes it very convenient. From equipment selection to project planning and final installation of new kitchen appliances, flooring and decorations, expert kitchen remodeling contractors will take care of every detail of your project. Avoid the hassle of negotiating with a dozen contractors and sellers for your home needs. Note that professional contractors have the contacts of specialized subcontractors to carry out all or part of the construction work.

No More Stress And Worries 

If you choose to settle for a trusted contractor for your bathroom remodeling, you can rest assured that all you need to do is sit back and relax. With their years of experience, excellent skills, and the right knowledge in their area of ​​expertise, owners can always count on their service. You will also save yourself the stress of spending more money if something goes wrong. And requires additional repairs to be fixed. From understanding each process to achieving an exceptional result, rest assured that every detail is of the highest quality. Plus, with a professional contractor, you can make sure that the material they’ll use is the best for your bathroom and perfectly matches your color and design.

They Are Well Experienced

Knowledge comes from experience, and professional kitchen and bathroom remodeling contractors have a lot of it. Certainly, the obligation to be accountable for your activities, to accept responsibility and to disclose the results in a transparent manner is important in any construction or renovation project. Their years of experience have shown them not only how to complete projects as quickly as possible, but also to perfect them. While it’s natural to run into problems every now and then, you can be sure that if they do exist. Your contractor will have the skills and years of experience to resolve them quickly. An experienced entrepreneur minimizes the risk of mistakes early in the process, ideally by avoiding them altogether.

Hiring A Renovation Contractor Means Saving The Costs

Everyone knows how expensive a kitchen or bathroom remodel can get, but with the help of an experienced remodeling contractor, there is no need to bother. Experienced contractors know of inexpensive alternative materials and procedures that can save you a lot of money. Whether you are interested in remodeling or renovating, you can rest assured with the help of a reliable contractor; They are always ready to help you complete the process cost-effectively.


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Bathroom remodeling projects remain to be one of the most distinguished of all home remodelings. And it’s understandable to see why nothing is cozier or more hospitable than a smartly updated, refurbished, freshly remodeled bathroom. Also, bath remodeling is a wise investment if you intend to sell your house in the next few years.

There’s no secret formula to building the ideal bath. But, you can considerably improve your chances of achievement by following these seven steps we have summarised below.

  • Build Your Bathroom Makeover Design

Before doing any bathroom renovation yourself, you should finalize a new design. It would be best if you went for a design that matches your perception and skillset. There are numerous different ways to do a bathroom remodel. Here are some design components you require to nail down before starting your bathroom renovation:

  • Colour scheme: Know before time to ensure that your new bathroom tiles don’t crash with the paint you chose.
  • New fixtures: Decide either you will remodel or replace your shower/tub? Are you inducting a new sink? Replacing these fixtures will amplify your project budget and time.
  • Storage spaces: Storage spaces are significant. Suppose you’re eliminating a closet to broaden the room. Ensure that you have shelving to make up for the missing storage space in your bathroom.
  • Location of utilities: Make sure you have proper measurements for plumbing pipes and electrical wiring. By doing this, you don’t end up requiring costly repairs.
  • Create A Realistic Budget

Remodeling a bathroom can be an expensive, complicated project. It needs detailed planning, a prolonged timetable. Furthermore, it also requires careful coordination of many different trades, such as carpenters, plumbers, tile contractors, and electricians.

The simplest way to create a budget is to get remodeling services or hire a professional designer. They will plan the new bathroom that will go with your budget. Also, they will guide you through every remodeling phase. The only con of this idea is it will increase your budget because of the designer’s cost. The designer’s cost entirely depends on the scope and size of the project. 

  • Order Bathroom Remodeling Materials

It is best to order materials as soon as possible. These materials include: 

  • Tiling.
  • Countertop.
  • Fixtures (showerhead, faucet).
  • Cabinetry (a new vanity, linen closet). 
  • Hardware ( cabinet handles, drawer pulls).

Some products take so long to deliver, and if you order a custom-made product, they can take even longer. It plays a significant role in delaying a project. If you don’t get the necessary items, the installation will be delayed. If you get the products and materials before the work starts, store them in a basement or garage.

If you have hired a remodeling contractor, they can also guide you when to order the things you will require. Depending on the service, they can also assist you in the ordering and shopping process. 

  • Demolishing Your Old Bathroom

Many people consider demolition to be the most exciting part of the bathroom renovating process. Though, doing it with no proper planning can make it terrible. First, make sure that you disconnect the water supply and electricity to the sink, bathtub, shower, and toilet. Be careful about not damaging any elements that you will surely need later on.

While taking the wall tile down, take special care about not damaging the underlying wiring or piping in the walls. Cautiously take the sink and toilet out without cracking them. Also, make sure to inspect for mildew or mold growths underneath and water damage. Remove towel racks, baseboards, lighting fixtures, and all other fixtures from the bathroom.

Bathroom remodeling

  • Install New Plumbing Fixtures

After removing all the old fixtures, you can put In the new fixtures—for example, the shower, bathtub, or sink. Do not induct the toilet in this step. Please keep it for last. You may require to adjust the bathroom wiring that depends on the measurements of the new fixtures. 

For example, your new vanity is tall enough and covers up the electrical sockets. It means you need to move the sockets. If this is the case, get an electrician to help with your house’s wiring to prevent any electrical accidents.

  • Install Wall And Floor Finishes

The next step in a basic renovation is to introduce the floor and wall finishes. The general order is:

  • Install cement sheet or plasterboard.
  • Waterproofing.
  • Tiling.
  • Grouting.
  • Painting.

Not all tilers are waterproof, and not all waterproofs are tiles. You need to make sure that you understand what each of your trades can and cannot do. The plumbers often encounter leaks in walls or ceiling cavities due to improper waterproofing. 

  • Make A Post-Completion Punch List

A lot of times, materials came scratched or broken or not at all. Sometimes there’s a mark on the wall, or the caulk is too dirty. Lastly, now is the time that you make a list of this stuff. You can do it either in a casual email or a more formal statement with your contractor. Please give it to anyone responsible for fixing the errors and include a date by which the finish and fix-ups work should be finalized.


A bathroom is one of the time-intensive programs on the front end. It is because of things like room flow, electrical, materials, functionality, and more. If you develop your bathroom plan already, get the proper process to help. Also, it would help if you made an effort to stick to a budget and project. It can give rise to a much smoother procedure in the long run. Moreover, it will upgrade one of the most utilized rooms in your home.

home remodeling

Want to do something where you are your own boss and report only to yourself following a schedule that suits you? How about investing in becoming a great general contractor in your town? It is a lucrative business, besides, you can rule the world as you like within your own comfort zone. 

A home remodeling contractor caters to renovations related to both commercial and residential projects. Whether it is a small kitchen renovation or an entire office remodeling project. It cannot be done without a general contractor. 

Being a general contractor has its own set of perks. You take the entire responsibility of getting the project complete within the stipulated time right from the get-go. Every worker operates under your supervision including the supply of material and staying within the client’s budget. 

So, do you think you have what it takes to become a home remodeling contractor? Confused about how to take it on as a career? Not a problem. You have ended on the right page. We will tell you how to become a general contractor in the easy steps below. Stay tuned till the end. 

What is the job of a home remodeling contractor?

The job description of a home improvement or remodeling contractor includes restoring, upgrading, improving, and enhancing the already existing living or workspace. Usually, they start their career as a carpenter and develop their own home improvement company or business where they supervise entire renovation projects. 

When one opts for a career in the home improvement business, they should know that it is a business that is both physically and mentally demanding. You have to run after the labor, material suppliers, supervise projects all day.
And bring out your creativity for an aesthetically appealing place. 

Still, want to take on the job? Then here are the steps that will help you become a successful home remodeling contractor. 

How to Become a Home Improvement Contractor?

The following are the five general steps that one must take to become a home remodeling contractor. Check out the credentials you already have and plan how you will access the rest. 

  • Pass your high school or get an equivalent credential

To pursue a long-lasting career as a licensed professional in the competitive renovation industry, it is important that you obtain a valid high school diploma or an equivalent degree. You must take statistics, mathematics, arts, business management, economics, etc as your subjects to work as a successful general contractor in the future.

  • Get the necessary pieces of training in the field

According to research, self-employed general contractors in the United States have completed set hours of training and apprenticeship by enrolling in a training or a vocational school that enhances technical skills. 

Certain programs are long-term or semester based offering a complete degree or course completion in home renovation. They help students obtain a working license at the end. 

You can also obtain a career diploma in home renovation or improvement by researching construction plans, studying case studies of already completed projects, taking freelance work, or assisting other credible contractors to gain experience.  Such degrees also train you in other important fields such as accounting and finance for your business. 

  • Get a valid license and register yourself as a contractor with the state

According to the laws of your state and local rules, a general contractor will be asked to obtain a registration with their state or license to work as a contractor in the area. The exact requirements and regulations may vary from state to state. However, a contractor does need to obtain a functional business license and pay taxes. 

Many states will require the contractor to pass a license examination with a particular grade in business management and home improvement.  

home remodeling contractors

In certain states, a person needs to obtain a valid Home Improvement Contractor License along with a valid Home Improvement Salesperson License to be able to take on clients and negotiate their projects with them. If you fail to obtain these credentials, you will not be considered credible and may operate under unlawful means. 

  • Do your bachelors majoring  in the field

To be able to work as a general contractor on a long-term basis. You must get a valid college degree in business management or home improvement or in the relevant field. 

You can also go for a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Construction Science along with business management as a minor or a second major. Access and study the list of all obtainable degrees in your field as listed by the American Council for Construction Education and then begin submitting your college applications. 

  • Add on to your certifications 

There are many credible associations that offer certifications to general contractors who have been working in the industry for some time. These certifications include studying codes and laws for home improvement and upgrading creative skills. Many of these courses you can even register and complete online and upgrade your CV. 

A Bonus Tip

Make sure all your certifications are up to date. Check after how long you will need to upgrade or renew your license. And do not miss out on these dates. To establish credibility, it is important to remain updated. 

Successful general contractors complete all their degree requirements, obtain certifications. And polish their skills from time to time by enrolling in the latest courses. This is the only way to gain customer trust.

bathroom remodeling

If you are planning to get bathroom remodeling, it is a great choice. We all get tired of the same old things; moreover, remodeling will also bring back the life in your bathrooms.

When remodeling your bathroom, there are various things that you need to ponder over such as: How long will it take? What is the durability rate of the remodeling process? Is there anything I should do or prepare before the whole process begins?

Though all of these questions are quite important, however, there is one thing that you essentially need to look after and that is the bathroom remodeling cost.

You need to pay special heed to the question; how much will it cost for a bathroom remodeling?

Well, sure there is an average remodeling cost but most of it depends on the various factors which we are doing to discuss,

Let’s go:

Average Remodeling Cost:

When we talk about the average remodeling cost, you must expect to pay at least $12,000 and $27,500 on the remodel of a 10×10 bathroom.

The average cost varies from between $120 to $275 per square foot; however, then again there are a lot of factors affecting this cost rate such as:

Size of the Bathroom:

One of the most important factors that are extremely critical to determine your bathroom remodeling cost is the size of your bathroom.

It is pretty obvious that if you have a large bathroom, the remodeling cost will also increase accordingly since there will be a lot of spaces and areas to work on.

Remodeling your master bathroom is most likely to cost a lot more than going for an average-size bathroom remodeling. However, we all know how much it is worth it.

According to the recent survey and estimates are given by the Home Depot; remodeling a guest bathroom will cost on average of $14,000 and $20,000, whereas a master bathroom remodeling is more likely to cost around $30,000 or even more

A bathroom that is even smaller than the guest bathroom might only cost about $5,000 to renovate.

Still, you must know that getting your bathroom to remodel and renovated will not only improve your daily life routine but will also increase the resale value of your house drastically.

Hence, it is always a good option to go for bathroom remodeling every once in a while. Consider it your treat.

Types of Equipment and Appliance:

Another great factor that will affect the cost of your bathroom remodeling is the type of material, equipment, and appliances you choose for the process.

There are vast options of different types of equipment and appliances in the market varying in range. You will find pretty cheap ones as well as you will lay your eyes on very extravagant ones. The ones you choose will ultimately determine your bathroom remodeling cost.

Moreover, if you are hiring a professional bathroom remodeling service then the type of equipment they use will also determine your cost.

bathroom remodeling cost

For instance, tile, ceramic or wooden floors all come at different prices and will affect your budget accordingly.

Similarly, as for sink countertops, you will find a granite one more expensive than the simple laminate one though the granite is more resistant to the damage inflicted by the heat and water.

It is always recommended to research and inspect the costs of different materials to evaluate your bathroom remodeling cost better.

The Location of Your House:

Surprisingly, it was also seen that the geographical location of your house also impacts the bathroom remodeling cost.

This is because the labor cost, equipment cost, and the cost of living all vary from state to state which will ultimately affect the cost of your remodeling process.

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of a bathroom remodel in Northern Virginia in 2020 is between $5,500 and $14,000, whereas in San Fransisco and the Bay Area it goes from $11,000 to $25,500.

Additionally, it was also noted that the bathrooms located in the rooms on the second floor of your house are more likely to cost much than those located on the ground floor.

Another thing that will affect bathroom remodeling costs while living at a specific location is the variety of services available and the intensity of the demand.

For instance, if there are only a few bathroom remodeling services in your area you might get it done at low pricing.

Various Bathroom Remodeling Services:

Your bathroom remodeling cost will also largely depend on the service you hire.

There are a lot of companies that are offering bathroom remodeling and renovation all at different prices. Some are affordable and some are not.

You can find a lot of them through internet as well as seek some guidance from your friends and family.

However, you need to make sure whatever service you hire provides you the best services at an affordable cost.

You don’t want to fall in trap to services that wouldn’t last long and would cost you your money as well. 

We would recommend you to get a free estimate and quote beforehand to get a clear picture as to which company suits you the best according to your budget.

Final Thoughts:

In short, these are some of the very important factors that will determine how much it cost to get bathroom remodeling.

If it is running out of your budget, you can always find an affordable bathroom remodeling service near you!

kitchen remodel cost

A kitchen has taken a central place in our households, doubling as both a living area for family and a dining room with intimate friends. With that frequent use, kitchens do have a short span of life and need a touch of elixir every couple of years to look as supreme as before.

For an average homeowner, a kitchen remodeling project is a major expense. It takes thousands of dollars to get close to a design that keeps coming into your head until you have it materialized in your kitchen.

So, it is only natural to be concerned about the cost of an undertaking before actually taking the first step.

In this post, we are going to discuss the cost of a kitchen makeover, at length, and identify the areas and tips that will help you in saving significant amounts of money.

Before we delve into the cesspool of figures and crunch some numbers, let’s discuss a major factor that plays defining role in the cost you must pay for your dream kitchen.


Where you live can add to the estimates and bill for your kitchen remodeling project. As a general rule of thumb, if you live in the South, you can save up to $20,000 with your next kitchen makeover project as compared to that of the North and the West.

There is also a wide gulf in the cost between rural and urban areas in any state or region. So, you need to keep those variables in mind before making your mind about the kitchen project.

Now to the cost!

Midrange Vs Upscale Kitchen Remodel

Just like you cannot compare a grand mansion with a suburban house, you cannot compare the costs of two different and contrasting kitchen designs, distinguished from each other on the basis of size and scale.

National Average

According to the studies by Remodeling Magazine conducted in 2019, the average cost of a midrange kitchen remodels corners around $66,196. On the other hand, the estimate for an upscale major remodel, that number swells up to a staggering $131,510. These numbers correspond with the national average across the US.

Pacific Region

There is a steep contrast between average numbers when you move to the Pacific region. Remodeling Magazine propounds that the average for a mid range kitchen remodel makes a steep jump in this region, at around $72,513. This is ten thousand more than the national average.

For the upscale major kitchen remodel, the publication has found that $143,333 is the average in the region which is the same difference as between the average numbers in the regional and national areas.

South Atlantic Region

In the area of Maryland, South Carolina, Georgia, Washington, D.C., the numbers for midrange major kitchen remodel are a couple of thousands lesser than the national average, which is $63,387. And if you need an upscale major kitchen to remodel in this region, the cost will be around $126,307.

kitchen remodeling

Additional Costs

The above-mentioned cost averages are for general renovation plans. If you are eyeing to add elemental design to your kitchen, you must be ready to spare big bucks.

Here are some upgrades that are counted other than the general estimate of kitchen remodel:

  • Luxury Stone or Marble Countertops
  • High-End Faucets
  • Flooring
  • Commercial-Grade Cooking Range

The Biggest Expenditure

The major part of your expense for the kitchen remodeling is the extent of your project. For a majority of homeowners, the biggest cost comes from cabinets, taking usually around twenty-five pc of the entire budget. Instead of going for custom cabinets, you can get many cheaper options at Ikea or other retail stores.

The same goes for the sink and faucets. In order to strike the sweet spot where both luxury and utility align in the same direction, splurge your cash on faucets and get an affordable sink and you are good to go for the foreseeable future.

How To Save Money

Every kitchen remodeling project needs some sort of planning on your part. This is to help you keep in the right direction all along the way and spend where it actually adds value to your kitchen.

Plan Before Playing

Experts in the area of kitchen remodeling recommend around twenty percent of your budget be set aside for surprises such as minor damages or on-the-spot purchases. 

This covers you when you are not in the position to procure funds for the late-hour demolitions and even unpleasant costs, like water damage, electric system repairs, and so on.

Mind Your Budget

This goes without saying that the resources you have to put into your kitchen remodeling plan are scarce. For everything you may want in your new kitchen, you will have to let go many. This is where budgeting and its objectives help you to keep in line all the time.

Cost Vs Resale Comparison

It is easy to find the sweet spot in this segment. You need to make an assessment between how much you are willing to spend on your kitchen remodel and how much you can redeem in the event of the sale of the house. This gives you a clear picture of whether you should continue with your original budget or make amends.

After going through this succinct post, you will have a clear idea of the average cost you have to put up with if you want to realize the kitchen of your dreams. It may sound daunting, but with clear planning and budgeting, you can make do with limited resources.


kitchen remodeling

When it comes to house renovation, it is a very costly process which is why most people prefer to get their kitchen to remodel to change the vibe of their house a little.

Honestly speaking, your kitchen is the central and most important part of your house which is why even a little remodeling can alter the whole look of your house for the better.

What is better is that it will also not cost as much as complete house remodeling.

If you are thinking of getting your kitchen to remodel but have no idea how to choose a kitchen remodeling contractor then congratulations because you are on the right page.

We have some of the most useful tips that will help you choose a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor for yourself in no time:

Let’s go:

Give Importance to Experience:

Personally speaking, every time I am looking to hire a service to a kitchen remodeling contractor the first and most important thing that compels me to do so is their experience level.

Services like these need to be done very carefully and it leaves no space for any kind of mishap. While a new in-market contractor might provide you these services at a low rate but they will not be professional and experienced enough to handle all the cases.

A contractor or a company that has experience of many years would know what sort of services are required, how to deliver them, how to manage time, what material to use, etc.

Such contractors would have in-depth knowledge to provide you with seamless services and handle any situation with ease in case of any damage results.

Whereas, a new in-market contractor might not be skilled enough to provide you with reliable and durable results

Ask for Recommendation:

The next best tip on hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor is for you to ask a word of advice from the people you know.

It could be anyone, a neighbor, family member, relative, a friend, a colleague, or even an online survey.

We all need a good kitchen remodeling every now and then and we all have different experiences. Hence, the more people you contact the better.

They will give you good advice based on their personal experience of the respective company’s services.

You will get much clear insight about their services, rates, authenticity, reliability, customer service, and work performance than any other way.

It is always better to prepare a list of questions you might ask for them such as:

  • Were you happy with the work that was done?
  • Would you hire the same contractor again?
  • Did the project come in on time and a budget?
  • Was there clear communication between all parties?

Don’t Forget to Get A Written Estimate:

Moving forward another very important tip that we will share here with you in order to choose a reliable kitchen remodeling contractor is for you to get a written estimate beforehand.

This will clear a lot of your doubts regarding the pricing methods.

Services like kitchen remodeling can cost a lot if not inspected carefully, at times companies adds even more to your budget as the process goes by.  

Do not fall for that trap.

Get a written and verified estimate before beginning the remodeling process and make sure you stick with it throughout the remodeling.

You must demand a detailed written estimate outlining all important aspects such as budget, services, labor cost, equipment requirement, and the projected timeline for the beginning and completion of the respected project.

This will help you stay prepared so you don’t get any surprises down the road.

kitchen remodeling contractor

Consider Your Local Options:

Let’s move forward to another piece of advice to you and that is to consider your local options first.

Unfortunately enough, people only consider prices and go for options far away from them you need to make sure that you don’t make a similar mistake.

Always consider your local options first. There are a lot of benefits and perks of considering local kitchen remodeling contractors than just call in the ones that are far away from you.

For instance, your local contractors are more aware of the trends of your area and are familiar with all the requirements, they know what sort of material would be good for you and where to run to in case of any shortage of supplies.

You will also be able to find better reviews from the people in your area in regards to their services and packages.

Hence, always consider your local contractors first.


Another very important thing that you need to consider while choosing a kitchen remodeling contractor is insurance.

There are strong chances for any sort of mishap to take place during the whole remodeling process which is why you need to choose the companies that are willing to provide you with insurance to protect your house.

Also, make sure they ensure worker’s compensation to handle any sort of harm to their employees.

Check for Certification and License:

Well-recognized and professional contractors are likely to have certification and license for their services. It guarantees their authority, professionalism, and experience level.

You will easily find these on their websites and in case you don’t, you can always ask them to provide you.

Final Thoughts:

Hiring a kitchen remodeling contractor does require some careful analysis but if you follow the tips mentioned above you are more likely to hire a reliable and best-fitted one for yourself.