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Want to do something where you are your own boss and report only to yourself following a schedule that suits you? How about investing in becoming a great general contractor in your town? It is a lucrative business, besides, you can rule the world as you like within your own comfort zone. 

A home remodeling contractor caters to renovations related to both commercial and residential projects. Whether it is a small kitchen renovation or an entire office remodeling project. It cannot be done without a general contractor. 

Being a general contractor has its own set of perks. You take the entire responsibility of getting the project complete within the stipulated time right from the get-go. Every worker operates under your supervision including the supply of material and staying within the client’s budget. 

So, do you think you have what it takes to become a home remodeling contractor? Confused about how to take it on as a career? Not a problem. You have ended on the right page. We will tell you how to become a general contractor in the easy steps below. Stay tuned till the end. 

What is the job of a home remodeling contractor?

The job description of a home improvement or remodeling contractor includes restoring, upgrading, improving, and enhancing the already existing living or workspace. Usually, they start their career as a carpenter and develop their own home improvement company or business where they supervise entire renovation projects. 

When one opts for a career in the home improvement business, they should know that it is a business that is both physically and mentally demanding. You have to run after the labor, material suppliers, supervise projects all day.
And bring out your creativity for an aesthetically appealing place. 

Still, want to take on the job? Then here are the steps that will help you become a successful home remodeling contractor. 

How to Become a Home Improvement Contractor?

The following are the five general steps that one must take to become a home remodeling contractor. Check out the credentials you already have and plan how you will access the rest. 

  • Pass your high school or get an equivalent credential

To pursue a long-lasting career as a licensed professional in the competitive renovation industry, it is important that you obtain a valid high school diploma or an equivalent degree. You must take statistics, mathematics, arts, business management, economics, etc as your subjects to work as a successful general contractor in the future.

  • Get the necessary pieces of training in the field

According to research, self-employed general contractors in the United States have completed set hours of training and apprenticeship by enrolling in a training or a vocational school that enhances technical skills. 

Certain programs are long-term or semester based offering a complete degree or course completion in home renovation. They help students obtain a working license at the end. 

You can also obtain a career diploma in home renovation or improvement by researching construction plans, studying case studies of already completed projects, taking freelance work, or assisting other credible contractors to gain experience.  Such degrees also train you in other important fields such as accounting and finance for your business. 

  • Get a valid license and register yourself as a contractor with the state

According to the laws of your state and local rules, a general contractor will be asked to obtain a registration with their state or license to work as a contractor in the area. The exact requirements and regulations may vary from state to state. However, a contractor does need to obtain a functional business license and pay taxes. 

Many states will require the contractor to pass a license examination with a particular grade in business management and home improvement.  

home remodeling contractors

In certain states, a person needs to obtain a valid Home Improvement Contractor License along with a valid Home Improvement Salesperson License to be able to take on clients and negotiate their projects with them. If you fail to obtain these credentials, you will not be considered credible and may operate under unlawful means. 

  • Do your bachelors majoring  in the field

To be able to work as a general contractor on a long-term basis. You must get a valid college degree in business management or home improvement or in the relevant field. 

You can also go for a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Construction Science along with business management as a minor or a second major. Access and study the list of all obtainable degrees in your field as listed by the American Council for Construction Education and then begin submitting your college applications. 

  • Add on to your certifications 

There are many credible associations that offer certifications to general contractors who have been working in the industry for some time. These certifications include studying codes and laws for home improvement and upgrading creative skills. Many of these courses you can even register and complete online and upgrade your CV. 

A Bonus Tip

Make sure all your certifications are up to date. Check after how long you will need to upgrade or renew your license. And do not miss out on these dates. To establish credibility, it is important to remain updated. 

Successful general contractors complete all their degree requirements, obtain certifications. And polish their skills from time to time by enrolling in the latest courses. This is the only way to gain customer trust.

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