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If you are planning to get bathroom remodeling, it is a great choice. We all get tired of the same old things; moreover, remodeling will also bring back the life in your bathrooms.

When remodeling your bathroom, there are various things that you need to ponder over such as: How long will it take? What is the durability rate of the remodeling process? Is there anything I should do or prepare before the whole process begins?

Though all of these questions are quite important, however, there is one thing that you essentially need to look after and that is the bathroom remodeling cost.

You need to pay special heed to the question; how much will it cost for a bathroom remodeling?

Well, sure there is an average remodeling cost but most of it depends on the various factors which we are doing to discuss,

Let’s go:

Average Remodeling Cost:

When we talk about the average remodeling cost, you must expect to pay at least $12,000 and $27,500 on the remodel of a 10×10 bathroom.

The average cost varies from between $120 to $275 per square foot; however, then again there are a lot of factors affecting this cost rate such as:

Size of the Bathroom:

One of the most important factors that are extremely critical to determine your bathroom remodeling cost is the size of your bathroom.

It is pretty obvious that if you have a large bathroom, the remodeling cost will also increase accordingly since there will be a lot of spaces and areas to work on.

Remodeling your master bathroom is most likely to cost a lot more than going for an average-size bathroom remodeling. However, we all know how much it is worth it.

According to the recent survey and estimates are given by the Home Depot; remodeling a guest bathroom will cost on average of $14,000 and $20,000, whereas a master bathroom remodeling is more likely to cost around $30,000 or even more

A bathroom that is even smaller than the guest bathroom might only cost about $5,000 to renovate.

Still, you must know that getting your bathroom to remodel and renovated will not only improve your daily life routine but will also increase the resale value of your house drastically.

Hence, it is always a good option to go for bathroom remodeling every once in a while. Consider it your treat.

Types of Equipment and Appliance:

Another great factor that will affect the cost of your bathroom remodeling is the type of material, equipment, and appliances you choose for the process.

There are vast options of different types of equipment and appliances in the market varying in range. You will find pretty cheap ones as well as you will lay your eyes on very extravagant ones. The ones you choose will ultimately determine your bathroom remodeling cost.

Moreover, if you are hiring a professional bathroom remodeling service then the type of equipment they use will also determine your cost.

bathroom remodeling cost

For instance, tile, ceramic or wooden floors all come at different prices and will affect your budget accordingly.

Similarly, as for sink countertops, you will find a granite one more expensive than the simple laminate one though the granite is more resistant to the damage inflicted by the heat and water.

It is always recommended to research and inspect the costs of different materials to evaluate your bathroom remodeling cost better.

The Location of Your House:

Surprisingly, it was also seen that the geographical location of your house also impacts the bathroom remodeling cost.

This is because the labor cost, equipment cost, and the cost of living all vary from state to state which will ultimately affect the cost of your remodeling process.

According to HomeAdvisor, the average cost of a bathroom remodel in Northern Virginia in 2020 is between $5,500 and $14,000, whereas in San Fransisco and the Bay Area it goes from $11,000 to $25,500.

Additionally, it was also noted that the bathrooms located in the rooms on the second floor of your house are more likely to cost much than those located on the ground floor.

Another thing that will affect bathroom remodeling costs while living at a specific location is the variety of services available and the intensity of the demand.

For instance, if there are only a few bathroom remodeling services in your area you might get it done at low pricing.

Various Bathroom Remodeling Services:

Your bathroom remodeling cost will also largely depend on the service you hire.

There are a lot of companies that are offering bathroom remodeling and renovation all at different prices. Some are affordable and some are not.

You can find a lot of them through internet as well as seek some guidance from your friends and family.

However, you need to make sure whatever service you hire provides you the best services at an affordable cost.

You don’t want to fall in trap to services that wouldn’t last long and would cost you your money as well. 

We would recommend you to get a free estimate and quote beforehand to get a clear picture as to which company suits you the best according to your budget.

Final Thoughts:

In short, these are some of the very important factors that will determine how much it cost to get bathroom remodeling.

If it is running out of your budget, you can always find an affordable bathroom remodeling service near you!

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