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Whether you’re designing your kitchen or just trying to make change to the kitchen efficiently, you’ll need to think about how to organize the storage space in your kitchen. These are some tips will help you to optimize your kitchen design and storage organization like a pro.

Use Custom Cabinets

Custom cabinets allow you to take advantage of every niche in the kitchen, so you don’t waste it filling unused spaces and nooks and crannies. You often see kitchens made where there is a space between the end of the cabinet and the refrigerator. If you put a pull-out cabinet there, you can use it for things like spices.

Trash Can Pull Out

Make sure you install a roll-out drawer for trash, near the sink and dishwasher. Nothing spoils the cleanliness of the kitchen like the smell of last night’s fish dinner. A good trash can is ugly too. Keep smelly trash cans, like they don’t exist, with the trash can hidden in roll-out drawers.

Move Favorites To The Front

The most used items should be placed in front of your kitchen cabinets for better reach. Also, think vertically. Things like little-used bowls and special glasses should be placed higher up in your wall cabinets, and your everyday favorite spot should be near you. Also, think about the type of food you cook most often. If you like to bake, keep flours and measuring cups in the front and other items in the back.

Set Up The Stations

To understand the ideas of an effective organization, divide your kitchen into five different stations, each with its purpose. There are cleaning stations, preparation stations, cooking stations, food storage stations, and non-food storage stations.

The idea behind these stations is to keep everything in your kitchen as close to the station as possible. Your dishwasher and sink are your cleaning areas, so of course, your everyday dishes should be kept near these areas. Your kitchen tools such as mixing bowls, knives, and logs. Perishable items should be placed near food storage stations, while items such as Tupperware and infrequently used utensils should be placed in non-food storage stations.

Knockdown The Walls

The idea is not to waste storage space or workspace, but to increase an entrance or window. If you have a raised bar, lower it to counter height, because an open kitchen makes a strong impression. The advantage of being cooking in an open kitchen is the ability to be with family and friends, rather than cooking alone in the kitchen.

Make Most Of Your Floor Space

One of the biggest hurdles in any small kitchen design is managing the limited space. However, there are a few tips for managing space in the kitchen. Put an end to empty corridors by turning them into transit workstations. Install the dishwasher & dryer next to the front-loading unit. Replace revolving doors with open doors or sliding doors that free up space.

Remove the walls to combine two rooms into one larger space. Extend the pantry into the adjacent room. Determine whether you need supporting structures like beams to replace walls and whether you need to remove plumbing and electrical systems. These changes can have a big impact on your kitchen design budget, so it’s best to plan.

Add Statement Lights

Preferably, natural light should be the main light, but if you can’t get much natural light, we recommend you think about Light and Brightness. Sometimes by using statement lighting, the kitchen seems more spacious.

Deep Drawers

We highly recommend you check out the benefits of deep drawers. Bottom cabinets are usually two feet deep, offering plenty of darkrooms to lose your belongings, forcing you to pull everything out as you dig to find the strainer you believe you have. Drawers solve this problem by making items in the back easy to find and access too. Also, unlike cupboards which are large empty boxes, drawers can have partitions that make it easier for you to organize your things. Drawers are also more efficient because you will be using up all of the lower closet space.

Add Refined Refrigerator

A large refrigerator is the heart of every kitchen, and these appliances are among the first to enter a new era and continue to evolve.

Most of these can tell you what they are when their door is open, but the latest models go further than that. They have cameras that let you manage inventory remotely from your phone, the ability to record shopping lists, and display screens for easy access to information. You can set their temperature via the remote control, do your shopping online, send notes to your smartphone and request your favorite song while being the slave of the hot stove.

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