Kitchen Layout

Kitchen layout can be defined as the shape of your kitchen which is made attractive due to the setting of storage areas, major appliances, and countertops. These are the things that contribute to making a kitchen arranged and useful to use. The perfect arrangement of the kitchen items makes your kitchen eye-catchy.

Here are some factors that must be considered while designing a perfect kitchen layout.


First, you must consider your budget. The layout of your kitchen greatly depends upon your budget. If you are low on budget, you might not buy expensive appliances and use expensive materials for your kitchen.

No doubt, the kitchen layout requires a lot of money. You must decide on a maximum budget for this purpose. It is because you may need to spend money on cabinets, countertops, flooring, and many other items.

Kitchen Work Triangle

You must consider the work triangle of your kitchen while designing its layout. As we know, the work triangle was first defined in the 1920s so that the efficiency in a residential kitchen could be measured. This triangle consists of three things i.e. refrigerator, kitchen sink, and stovetop.

You should know that the stovetop is used for the preparation of food. The kitchen sink is an area that is used for cleaning kitchen items such as dishes, spoons, plates, etc. And the refrigerator is a storage area for the food. You should keep the length of each triangle leg in the range of 1.0 to 2.6m.

You should not keep any kitchen appliance or item between the intersecting points of this triangle. Make sure that the total length of this triangle leg is between 4-8m. Considering these small things will be helpful for you to design a remarkable kitchen layout for your house.

Selection of Right Position

You must select the right position for all the items present in your kitchen. These items may include cabinets, stovetop, refrigerator, oven, sink, etc. You must also consider the distance of the kitchen from the entry doors where it is preferred to be at least 812mm wide. There should not be any kitchen appliances in front of the entry door.

Make sure that all the kitchen appliances are positioned in a safe place so that they do not disturb other things and do not get disturbed due to other things. The appliance doors and the storage areas must also not interfere with each other’s operations. You must install the cabinets at a particular height that could be reached by a person of ordinary height.

Seating Arrangement

You must also consider the seating arrangement in your kitchen if you want a big kitchen with a modern style. You can arrange the seating area effectively if you measure the right distance between the countertop and the seating area. You can consult a professional for this purpose. He will provide you with ideas regarding the right distance between the seating area and the countertop.

You must choose the right furniture for the seating area according to the size of your kitchen. If your kitchen is small, you can arrange the chairs near the countertop. But if you have a big kitchen, you can buy a table and its chairs to make an effective and attractive seating area. You can enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner there with your family.

No doubt, the seating arrangement is a difficult task to perform. You need to maintain an equal distance between the seating of each person. Keep in mind that seating must not be less than 610mm wide for each person.

Position of Sink and Dishwasher

When designing the layout of your kitchen, you must select the right position for the sink and the dishwasher. If you are going to install only one sink in your kitchen, it must be positioned next to the fridge or stove. It must be flanked by a minimum 600mm landing area.

You must position the dishwasher next to the sink at a distance of 900mm. Make sure that you do not locate the cooking surface under the window. You should also keep it away from the fire extinguisher. You should place the oven at a place where it can be easily used by anyone. It should be positioned below the shoulder height.

Surface of Work

There must be enough space in your kitchen that you could work easily and comfortably. The length of the countertops must be according to your needs and requirements. The material used for the countertops must be durable and it should also be easy to clean.

The most preferred countertops are laminate countertops. It is because they are available in different styles and patterns. They are also available in different colors. Moreover, they are less expensive than others.


While designing the layout of your kitchen, you must consider some important factors related to it. Considering these factors is helpful in making your kitchen attractive and comfortable to work in. You can also hire a professional to design a remarkable kitchen layout for your house. 

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