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Are you planning to bring a new mood to your home? Or perhaps your bedroom? Or even the bathroom? Well, the easiest way to do it is by applying a fresh coat of paint! Old, rotten, chipped-off, and dirty paint sucks the energy out of even the most well-furnished rooms.  

However, the time between different paint jobs and the types of paint jobs that different rooms require greatly differ. Some rooms can use a frequent paint job, even once every year, while others can go without a fresh paint job for even a decade. This depends on sunlight exposure, moisture in the room, presence of pets and infestation, etc. 

To help you decide which room in your house is due for its next paint job, we will discuss the requirements of paint for every room one by one in detail below. Keep reading below and find out how you can bring a fresh and renewed energy to the boring rooms in your house. 

How Often Should You Paint Your Living Room? 

The lounge or the living room is the most used space in any house. It is the place where kids play, couples enjoy popcorn while watching movies, where pets rest, or even where friends have drinks together. So, it is not a surprise that this room needs a frequent paint job. You also need to select the paint of the right quality. 

living room interior painting

Good quality paint will adhere to the walls for long stretches of time. In fact, if you invest in expensive paint, you may not need a paint job for the next seven to ten years. But poor quality paint may require you to hire a painter every year. 

Moreover, since the living room is the space to relax and rewind, the mood in the room needs to energetic and lively. So, do not be afraid to go bold and wild with the color choices! 

How Often Should You Paint Your Dining Hall?

Once again, the dining room is another frequently used space in every household and hence needs a frequent retouch on the walls using good quality paint. Invest in high-quality paint through a credible manufacturer and watch it stay refreshed for decades. 

If your dining hall is not frequently used or your family moistly eats in the living room, then the paint in the room can survive for a good ten years. You can though hire the painters if you wish to change the theme of the room. 

dining room interior painting

Go for bright color palettes for the dining room. It can add life to your family time. You can even take family portraits during your meals! And use the picture as wall decor. 

How Often Should You Paint Your Corridors?

Corridors in the house get the most amount of foot traffic and children may run their dirty fingers across the walls while running around. And since the hallways are compact and small, they tend to get dirty pretty fast. You will find yourself applying a fresh coat of paint on the hallways most frequently, once every two years

corridor interior painting

But, here is the cool part. You can experiment with out-of-the-box themes and colors in the hallways. Ones that even seem odd. Go for natural shades and lighting. You can even stick to pastel colors and make the space look airy and roomy. This is the place to bring out your personality. 

How Often Should You Paint Your Bedrooms?

When it comes to painting or re-painting the bedrooms, you need to figure out how much time you spend in the place. The adults come to the bedroom to sleep only, while guests visit once in a blue moon, but the kids or the teenagers practically build their habitat in their attic space! 

So, the bedrooms may not need a frequent paint job as compared to the other rooms in the house. But, it does not mean you cannot experiment with the walls. Go for striped walls with alternating black and white lines. Perhaps, throw in pink furnishings or a red couch. Personalize the walls with family portraits. And voila!

bedroom interior painting

How Often Should You Paint Your Children’s Bedroom?

So, we have established above that an adult bedroom needs a fresh coat of paint once every seven years, but the children’s bedroom may need a paint job every two years. At times, even once a year

You may need to change the ambiance of a kid’s bedroom as they age because their tastes and lifestyles rapidly shift from kids to teenagers to late teens and whatnot. This is a tough one but stick to shades that can last for long stretches of time. 

How Often Should You Paint Your Kitchen?

Let’s now talk about the kitchen and its walls and cabinets. The kitchen experiences a great amount of smoke, dirt, grease, and heat. This can make even the high-quality paint jobs go stale pretty quickly. Moreover, kitchen walls adhere to stubborn odors. 

kitchen interior painting

In order to keep your kitchen looking fresh and lively, you need to hire painters once every two years for a fresh paint job and a new theme. It all depends on how much time you spend there and what your family loves. 

How Often Should You Paint Your Bathroom Space?

The bathrooms are a victim of constant moisture. These spaces need the most frequent paint jobs as paint can easily chip off from the walls due to moisture. But, bathrooms are the spaces that you can play around with in terms of colors and extravagant themes. Or you can stick to the natural colors. 

It is advised that you paint your bathroom once every four to five years and try sticking to neutral themes and natural lighting.

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